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Accommodating multinationals in federal political systems

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Table 1 lists examples, including NATO. Yet another trend contributing to the tendency for multi-tiered federal systems has been the increasing attention being given to the importance of local governments, including in some cases, such as Germany and India, the constitutionalization of their role. In this sense, it is useful to focus on what is actually occurring in Europe. It may also fall prey to a state-nation building on the part of the central government that puts in jeopardy its fiscal and political autonomy. The Baltic republics were the most eager secessionists from the former Soviet Union. What are the requirements of multinational federalism? But could the multinational federation also take the form of a communitarian society, itself composed of local communities that would also be united around common values, common beliefs with common objectives and common ends? Canadian, British and Turkish integrationists are not credible when they claim that the Quebecois, Irish or Kurds respectively would and should be happy with centralization and equal citizenship. Federalism, Failure and Success: Twenty-five years ago there was only one journal and two centres for research on federalism in the world. Given these concurrent dual pressures throughout the world, it is not surprising that more and more peoples have come to see some form of federal political system, combining a shared government for certain specified common purposes and autonomous action by governments of constituent units for purposes related to maintaining their regional distinctiveness, as allowing the closest institutional approximation to the multinational reality of the contemporary world. Dilemmas of European Integration. Even if this book is not the only one in the field, there should be a critical mass of such books in order to provide a complete picture of the different theoretical approaches, problems and case studies.

Accommodating multinationals in federal political systems

These occur where a large unit is linked to a smaller unit or units, but the smaller unit retains substantial autonomy and has a minimum role in the government of the larger one, and where the relationship can be dissolved only be mutual agreement. In some federations such as the United States, Canada and Australia, executive responsibility for a particular matter is generally assigned to the same order of government that has legislative responsibility over that matter. Democratization and Nationalist Conflict. The federal governments of federations have a direct role in the lives of their citizens, marked by the presence of their agencies within each region, while confederal authorities normally interact indirectly with the citizens of member-states. At the same time, nation-states have become too remote from individual citizens to provide a sense of direct democratic control and to respond clearly to the specific concerns and preferences of their citizens. Nationalist Exclusion and Ethnic Conflict: It is therefore useful to recognize multicultural forms of accommodation that fit between the integrative and pluralist federations. Indeed, there have not yet been any cases of genuinely democratic federations, no matter how diverse, that have disintegrated. In accordance with this fundamental change, he considers different conceptions of liberalism based on pragmatic agreements, on moral individualism or on moral agreements together with taking into account the ethicity of empirical societies and correlates them with different conceptions of federalism respectively mononational, multinational but with a subordination of the federated states, and multinational with no such subordination. So Quebec tends to find itself isolated. Federalism and Ethnic Conflict in Nigeria. What are the issues raised by the presence of several peoples within a federal state? These were worsened by the fact that the population of Quebec has dropped and now represents approximately 22 percent of the Canadian population, and that the federation is now composed of ten provinces and three territories. The institutions and processes for these interactions are being dealt with more fully at this conference by a separate series of sessions on the theme of intergovernmental relations. The federal ideal relates to principles like the separation of powers, subsidiarity, the equality between the federal and the federated states and thus the non-subordination of the federated states, as well as their autonomy. United States Institute of Peace, If the state is liberal, must it not remain neutral and does that imply that it should avoid implementing a politics of recognition for stateless peoples? Differently put, all territorial governments, at all levels, are capable of promoting or undermining human rights. With sizable nationalities, federations may work best when accompanied by consociational or consensual power sharing within federal institutions. In order to complete this process, members of EU must demonstrate some kind of federal loyalty. It has also been tried in Belgium. University of Alabama, Federalism and Territorial Cleavages. A federated state and a fair representation in the House of Commons, along with certain de facto political arrangements, were precisely offered to the province of Quebec in But experience suggests that there may be cases where constitutional asymmetry is the only way to resolve sharp differences when much greater impulses for noncentralization exist in some regions than in others within a federal system.

Accommodating multinationals in federal political systems

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