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Chaneg the date on an online quiz

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Adding random questions A random question places a link that will select a unique question at random from a specific question category. If you are allowing a grace period, Enable and nominate a Submission grace period. How many Decimal places in grades do you want to display to the students for this quiz? You should also set the 'Maximum grade' for the whole quiz. This will present a list of students and their scores. Obtain the IP addresses for all rooms in which the quiz will be taken, and enter them in this field, separated by commas. Select the Grade category within the Gradebook where you want this assignment to belong. Be careful when using quiz overrides. The new category displays in the list at the top of the page. In the Appearance section, make choices about how you want the quiz to display: In the Choose a question type window, select the question type and click Add. If this is a new quiz you will not have any questions there and Moodle tells you this. After quiz has been attempted If one or more students have taken the quiz, you will see a list of all the questions in the quiz and a notice saying that you cannot add or remove questions. The quiz will automatically change the breaks. To add questions to the bank: Choose a file to import. You may want to make certain questions or question types worth more than others.

Chaneg the date on an online quiz

You can change the grade for the bad question and then move or delete the question from your question category. Make sure to turn off "shuffle questions" in the quiz setting. On the quiz's home page select Edit quiz. Click here for more detailed instructions on importing questions into your Moodle course. Here we are selecting 2 random question from the "Default for New Features" category Previewing questions After you have added questions to the quiz, they will appear on the left. The move icons will allow you to change the order of the questions if Quiz is setup to randomize the order, this will not have an effect. This is explained in more detail on the Question bank page. You can use random questions so that different students get different questions, or so that one student gets different questions each time they attempt the quiz. Of course you can use the edit and preview icons next to any question that will bring up a pop up window. This allows you to set the relative weight of each question in the quiz. Close the window when you are happy with the way the question behaves. Complete any other necessary page sections, then click Save and display to access the page for adding questions to the quiz. Multiple choice question with multiple answers allowed: It is also possible to create new questions from this screen and these questions will be added to the previously selected category. There are several ways to deal with bad questions in a quiz. Under Review options, select what you want the student to be able to see when they view their attempt or report at various stages. To do this, go to the "Info" tab, select the Attempts link. In the Layout section: You realize that 10 would be a better number. Select the check box es of the question s to be added to the text. Obtain the IP addresses for all rooms in which the quiz will be taken, and enter them in this field, separated by commas. The more questions you provide the more likely it will be that students get different questions on each attempt. You should add and or move the questions and descriptions in the order you want. Notice the preview and edit icons next to the fixed questions. Random questions are selected when the quiz is generated for a specific student attempt. This edit view can only be see when no attempts have been made by students.

Chaneg the date on an online quiz

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