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Dating hamlet ophelias story

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The extent to which a boy could grasp subtle nuances might have prevented the playwright from fleshing out the character more fully. It's just not worth it. Can you say, Mary Sue? All in all, a quick and isn't that what most of us want from a young adult novel, anyway? She is a strong, smart, and witty character and her loyalty to Hamlet makes her a dangerous and vengeful person to anyone who plans to harm her Hamlet. Ophelia is not content to be beautiful and beloved; indeed she is disgusted by the number of men who lust after her. Purists would cringe, but I like the more positive re-imagining of Hamlet and Ophelia's fate -- much like Ann-Marie MacDonald's reinterpretation of Desdemona's and Juliet's roles. Let's list the guys who all have feelings for Ophelia or lust after her in one way or another; Hamlet well, obviously Bartholomew you know, that cool guard in the first scene of the play, turned rapist in this book? The servants and courtiers whisper that surely, Ophelia. It could easily drive a young girl to madness, or so it would seem. With Shakespeare's classic play as a frame, Lisa Fiedler gives voice to Ophelia in a gripping novel full of romance, ghosts, and a touch of alchemy. I have stayed awake these many weeks, which has aided me greatly in my portrayal of one who has gone daft. Some stuff that i was thinking sounded a bit like another Shakespeare plot was explained slightly if a bit too cutely, pertly, patly, etc at the end. It feels like the author couldn't take the tragedy that was the original, and went out of her way to write a version in which no one died except the king who deserved to.

Dating hamlet ophelias story

I'll give the author this, she did manage to keep me interested throughout the story, I was intrigued in how she would change the original and how things would be wrapped up. Let's list the guys who all have feelings for Ophelia or lust after her in one way or another; Hamlet well, obviously Bartholomew you know, that cool guard in the first scene of the play, turned rapist in this book? It is up to clever Ophelia, with the help of her friends, to find a way to save her prince and herself. She has chosen one, and her choice seals her fate. Who can be trusted as a friend? Is Polonius truly the father of Laertes? This play's been out for hundred's of years, it's not like this story's anything new. She is no wimp in this version, but mayhem still ensues. I especially loved the little references to Shakespear's other works, adding to the humor of the book. It could easily drive a young girl to madness, or so it would seem. In Hamlet, both Ophelia and Hamlet go mad, although some have argued that Hamlet is only pretending to be crazy, so that he can catch the King out in his guilt. It's just not worth it. This is partly a story about a woman who refuses to accept her station in life. Ophelia lives to tell the tale of what happened at Elsinore "The nights at Elsinore are longer than anywhere else. Anyone familiar with this novel would have much less trouble understanding the classic tragedy, but I also feel that this book would be worth reading independently of the play. To her father and brother, Ophelia is the eternal virgin, the vessel of morality whose purpose is to be a dutiful wife and steadfast mother. And don't get me started on Ophelia's character. Was Hamlet's father murdered by King Claudius? To Hamlet, she is a sexual object, a corrupt and deceitful lover. Can you say, Mary Sue? King Claudius Yes, Claudius. Ophelia's Story that left me none too happy i. The novel reveals a different reason for Ophelia's purported madness like Hamlet's, it is a feigned "antic disposition" and offers an extended ending to the play's conclusion, beginning once the bodies of Hamlet, Laertes, and the Queen are taken to the castle morgue. Ophelia is determined to make a difference in a world where almost everyone, including the men, seem resigned to letting fate happen to them. We do know that Ophelia is torn between two contradictory poles. She is a strategic planner and is knowledgable enough in botany underneath a beautiful shell, a combination that prooves to be very lethal.

Dating hamlet ophelias story

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