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Funny snapchat names for friends

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This is a pretty basic idea and is actually something that a lot of people do without even realizing. Smiles Do you have a friend that never stops smiling? Due to its inability to fix an API security problem, Snapchat was hacked on December 31, , thus revealing the data of up to 4. Snake Someone who very sneaky may be called Snake. However, it is becoming more widely used between friends that have close connections with each other. Foxy usually means someone is very attractive in a sexy way more than a cute way. Bestie Besite is reserved for the closest friend you have to you. Oldie Again, another nickname to describe with old traits or who is old. Stud Someone with extremely good looks is usually called Stud. Eye candy — Too appealing to your visual senses. This friend will usually have caring, generous and kind characteristics. Brown Eyes Friends who have brown eyes may be given this name.

Funny snapchat names for friends

Precious Someone with a delicate attitude and who is very beautiful can be given this name. This name is just right for the best friend with beautiful and adorable personality traits. Angel If your best friend is as good as they come, then this is an obvious fitting nickname. A muggle is the non magic persons in the movie and book series. Honey Honey is used to describe someone who is very close to you and you consider a very sweet person. Flame Flame can be given to someone who always brings around the most flame things. Buddy A way of calling someone your friend would be by saying Buddy. It is used commonly among people who are fond of one another. Hands down, no one comes close. Most people probably misinterpret the relationship you both share but who cares? The name could also be used to describe someone who shares similar traits with the cartoon character Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls. Eye candy — Too appealing to your visual senses. Goldie Usually dawned upon those with golden locks of hair that make them stand out. Nasty Someone who partakes in some gross behavior or activities. Bambi Bambi is often given to the friend that has a quiet, shy personality. Sparkles Sparkles is a great name for someone with a sparkling personality. Lovely Lovely is perfect for someone who has a lovely way about doing things. Girlfriend Woman call their friends Girlfriend all the time as a term of endearment. Flame is a slang term for something awesome. Peachy Someone who seems to always be in a peachy mood. Doll Doll is a great nickname for someone who has doll-like features and is extremely gorgeous. It was used on another hot doctor, but this doctor was more of player than a romantic. They never seem to have a hair out of place and their makeup is always on fleek! Heart If they seem to have a lot of heart and empathy, this is the name for them. Gold — Pure luxury. Fruit Loop If you have a friend who seems to be missing a few screws in their head, they may be called Froot Loop.

Funny snapchat names for friends

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