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How to do a good oral sex

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Tell her what parts you find sexy. You might have neck ache, but just power on through it. It takes some time to be able to tune into a woman and intuitively read her arousal blueprint. Trace slow circles on her clit, then switch to rapid lateral micro-strokes, as if you were trying to gently rub a small stain out of your t-shirt. Working The Clitoris The clitoris is a gateway to some of the most insane levels of peak pleasure a woman could ever experience. Using your middle and ring finger together works best here. Lightly massage , touch, and kiss her whole body. You want to tease to please. The first is neck ache, which can be handled by switching position. Leave your experimenting and playing around for the beginning. How long do you need to go for? Stop and use just your fingers for a little bit.

How to do a good oral sex

Alternatively, you can penetrate her with your fingers. Leave your experimenting and playing around for the beginning. The clitoris is sensitive at the beginning, so going straight at it hard and fast with the tip of your tongue is likely to turn her off. With the tips of your fingers pointing downwards to create ample room for your mouth 2. Once you build intensity, slow way back down to how you started out and then quickly build back up. I even demonstrate on camera how to give clitoral orgasms, G-spot squirting orgasms, full body sensual massages, and more. You need to keep that rhythm going, but start to gradually speed up and press harder as she moans louder. My entire body is washed with a wave of the warm-and-fuzzies just writing the word. There are two most comfortable ways to do this: This is all good news for you. Creating Dynamic Tension Some guys will jump head first off the high dive into her lap and start lapping her up like their lives depended on it. It has around 8, nerve endings, which is more than twice what the penis has. In my research for this article, it turns out that a lot of i. Wrap either arm around and over her thigh and place your thumb and index finger on either side of the clit. While a guy can happily hit a rolling boil in no time at all, a woman needs more time to heat up. How long do you need to go for? Or try pushing up the hood of the clitoris to let you reach the more sensitive part with your tongue this is a move for later in the game, not right at the beginning. The breasts, inner thighs, and backs of the knees are all erogenous zones, so stroking them will make her feel great. Lavish her with genuine praise. But as a rule of thumb: Stop and use just your fingers for a little bit. If your tongue starts to get tired, gently suck her clitoris or kiss around the vaginal area instead. Again, when you get to the clitoris, start slowly. Both are good, and a combination is even better. Kiss her lips, neck, breasts, the inside of her thighs.

How to do a good oral sex

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