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Lesson plan dating violence

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When he returned home a half hour later, he saw that he had several missed calls and a few text messages, including one that said, "Are you cheating on me? Begin the class with a discussion of the important points covered in the reading. I'm sure it's nothing. When he does miss one of Jessica's events, she ignores him for a couple of days. That being said, if you feel as though the person you are with restricts you from telling other people anything and demands that everything remains private, there could definitely be an issue. Tell students they have 5 minutes to read the scenarios and indicate whether each scenario is an example of a healthy or an unhealthy relationship. Tell the groups to list any sources of support they can think of. Decide on a list of topics to include in the Web site. Provide students with a copy of Activity 3: Instruct students to take notes on key concepts while they are reading the material, with an eye towards new information and information they feel is important for their peers to know about dating violence. The teacher should post them on the wall in the classroom as a future reference for students.

Lesson plan dating violence

Scenario 8 Keith seems to be very different since he has started dating Mary. That being said, if you feel as though the person you are with restricts you from telling other people anything and demands that everything remains private, there could definitely be an issue. To list supports that are available for youth Type: One group will also be responsible for creating the homepage and navigation bar. They will be arguing about something else an hour from now. With the students, list one sign of abuse as an example for each type of abuse indicated in the chart. The tweets are to be handed in at the end of class. Partners must be able to work together to overcome these issues. On the first day, students view and discuss the video, or discuss the reading assignment. The remainder of class would be spent on the computers beginning their assigned tasks. Provide students with a copy of Activity 3: G Conclusion To conclude the lesson, summarize the important points and highlights of your discussion throughout the session. Emphasize that these sites are just a starting point and that students are expected to research beyond the list. Briefly discuss the self-assessment that was done at the beginning of class, and what it means to get mostly A's, B's or C's. Keep note of the response that they did not mention and discuss it with the group once the game is complete. While John attempts to go as often as he can, sometimes he is too busy. If they get it right, they receive the point and if they get it wrong, the other team gets a chance to answer. Time period breakdown is as follows: Once a general consensus is reached on what constitutes a healthy and an unhealthy relationship, distribute Activity 1: Students will discuss the different types of abuse that may exist in dating violence, as well as the signs that someone may be in an unhealthy relationship Type: Tell students that sometimes we may find ourselves in situations that we don't know how to get out of. He nervously laughs and responds that he just banged on the door frame at his grandparent's house. Additionally, ask students to create a few tweets about either recognizing the types of abuse or recognizing the occurrence of dating violence in general. Separate students into two teams and read the questions found on the Activity 4: Healthy or Unhealthy It's normal to be upset when something comes up and plans change.

Lesson plan dating violence

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