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Pregnant and dating show wiki

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The focus of the episode, prior to the birth, is on the tension between Cooke's mother and Gutierrez, as well as Gutierrez' waning interest in Cooke in favor of his friends. Kayla Jordan is a year-old girl from Centre , Alabama , who is pregnant by her boyfriend, J. At the ensuing probation violation hearing, the judge in the case declined to reimpose any portion of the suspended sentence, instead requiring Amber to complete 30 days of daily drug tests. She was held without bond in Madison County Jail until her January 27, , hearing on both charges, at which she entered a guilty plea and the court scheduled a sentencing hearing for February 6 of that year. Maci married Taylor McKinney on October 8, Carly's adoptive parents are Brandon and Theresa. She also has established an organization to help teens stay off drugs. Maverick made his appearance on May 31, The episode focuses on Tarrant's struggles to graduate high school early, so he can take care of the baby after he's born, thus allowing Smitherman to finish high school. Lizzie is currently married to Dave Mortensen who, himself, has three children; the couple welcomed their new baby on June 6th, , but not many details on the baby are known as Lizzie's Facebook page is private. Following the birth, the episode focuses on Wolters' and Akerill's job choices and them trying to move out and into their own home. He promises to support her financially and let her live at his place. She drives Brock crazy as she constantly makes him turn back to Los Angeles and then toward Vegas again, and even after he says that he is anxious to marry her, she continues to battle cold feet. The episode focuses on the lack of support Lowry receives from her own estranged family, which forces her to rely on Rivera's family. An invitation to the crew to film in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania was later rescinded by Central Pennsylvania Film Office following a public outcry. Amber's journey into parenthood has been tough; she struggles to parent Leah, and stay with her fiance Gary. Following the sixth-season finale and reunion show, Portwood announced she would not be returning to the series.

Pregnant and dating show wiki

He promises to support her financially and let her live at his place. On October 20, , The Today Show aired a segment revolving around the depicted domestic abuse in both seasons. Paulun reportedly took out an order of protection against Drummonds. Nicole Fokos is a year-old from Longwood , Florida , who is pregnant by her boyfriend, Tyler Keller. During the season, Catelynn comes to terms with being a birth mother, moves in with Tyler and his mother when her mother and her stepfather move into an apartment in another city, and gets engaged to Tyler. On February 18, , she had a baby boy named Ryland with her boyfriend Zach. Josh was imprisoned for larceny and forgery in and was later incarcerated on multiple counts, including trespassing, assault and battery, domestic violence, and escaping and eluding the police. The problems have led to physical violence in front of her child, Leah, including an incident where Amber beats him so severely, he is left with permanent scars. She revealed that she has been released from jail early due to good behavior and now has her GED. Shortly after her wedding, she and Javi welcomed a son, Lincoln Marshall, on November 16, The couple get married before their son's birth. I've sacrificed a lot for this show. She continues to see Aidan and his adoptive family on a regular basis. She is pregnant by her boyfriend, James Worsham. After Jace's birth, the episode's focus is on Evans' continuing to party and her reliance on her mother, Barbara. Toni declares that Todd needs to trust her; she ignores his ultimatum and meets with Greg anyway. Felicia Cooke is a year-old girl from Lewisville , Texas , who is pregnant by her boyfriend, Alex Gutierrez. Bristol is the mother of Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston-Palin whom she gave birth to on December 27, aged 18, having fallen pregnant at After his birth, Josh stops helping with Lyle, and he and Nikkole break up. After Jordynn's birth, the episode focuses on Hernandez bearing the responsibility of caring for Jordynn while Salinas returns to school. In , Isaiah welcomed a son named Isidro, who is from a different relationship and Christinna welcomed her second daughter, Naomi, in March , with her husband, Dalonte Wallace. Meanwhile, Maya initially rejects a man because he is a security guard. Simms and Messer, during the course of the series, learn that their daughter Ali suffers from Titin muscular dystrophy , a very rare form of the disorder that has only ever been found in adults. She has many troubles with her baby's father, Gary. She demonstrates that one can go on after becoming a "birth mom," and being completely mature and selfless by choosing parents for her baby via adoption.

Pregnant and dating show wiki

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